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Sedona Yoga Festival 2020

Sedona, Az.

Rewrite Your Relationship to Stress

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., Friday, March 13


Using the Integrative Yoga Method of Yoga Therapy, we will explore “the edge,” the place where intensity and your ability to relax intersect.

Develop yogic skills to detect and work with your edge to stay calm under pressure and counteract the daily impacts of stress.

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Unleash Dormant Potential

Sunday, March 15.

(Time to be determined) 


When practiced properly, yoga uses discomfort to reveal the things we avoid and to relax even while feeling uncomfortable.

We will use I AM Yoga Therapy techniques to practice re-writing our relationship with our thoughts and self-defeating patterns and to expand our potential for new actions, paths and energies. 

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Yoga Body Psychology

March 27 - May 10

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts,

Tempe, AZ. 


Includes several weekends and practicums: 

This course will enhance your understanding of yoga's energetic aspects: 

  • Explore the anatomy of energy and how it becomes blocked

  • Re-program mental and emotional patterns that produce dis-ease

  • Learn about the role chakras play in our personal evolution

  • Discover healthy ways to integrate and let go of emotions

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On the Road with Marie

In Yoga Therapy: The Amrit Method of Body Psychology we explore: 

  • How to use assisted yoga postures to intensify and access energy flow

  • The chakras and their relationship to stagnant energy

  • How to listen to the energy of the body and what it's saying to you

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Body Psychology Training. Emotive Yoga Therapy.
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