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Namaste and welcome to Emotive Body Psychology, where transformation starts within.


I'm a practicing Yoga Therapist based in Bellingham, Wa.


After earning a doctorate in psychology, I worked 16 years as a clinical psychologist for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Experiencing firsthand yoga's power to unite mind, body and spirit, I brought it to the prison and witnessed its calming effects on the inmates.

I fell in love with the Amrit Method of Yoga in 2009, when I first met Yogi Amrit Desai, and his daughter, Kamini, who founded the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Fl.

Yoga Therapy won me over. It's more effective at reaching the subconscious than psychotherapy. I know this because I’ve worked on both sides of the fence — I've observed people who underwent years of psychotherapy to no avail, and then saw a handful of Yoga Therapy sessions resolve their issues.

In addition to the therapy I offer at Emotive Body Psychology, I'm a:  

  • Senior faculty member at the Amrit Yoga Institute, where I lead professional training in the Amrit Method of Yoga Therapy and the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra ​

  • Certified member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • Certified in I AM Yoga (ERYT-500)

  • Sierra Club member and contributor

  • Supporter of Desert Botanical Garden and the Center for Biological Diversity

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