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About Emotive Body Psychology 

Life is a flow of energy that we experience 
through bodily sensation.
It's an encounter with 
feeling, not thinking.

Many of us are out of touch with our bodies. Over time, we've learned to block the sensations related to painful experiences, losses, rejections, and traumas.
We don't feel or notice them 
anymore. We've almost become less human.

By design, energy is meant to flow through and out of us. But unresolved energy can stay trapped in our body, forming tight bundles that can lead to chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addictions and other disorders.

It remains stuck until we're ready to deal with it. 

Emotive Body Psychology can help you release this energy, freeing you to be at peace with your past and reach your highest potential.

Emotive Body Psychology offers a direct experience, a shift to help break negative habits and destructive thinking patterns.

What's the difference between a yoga class and a yoga therapy session?
In yoga therapy, I focus on helping you overcome your unique challenges - such as pain management, anxiety or insomnia - rather than teach the techniques of yoga practice.


For a more details on the distinction, visit this Yoga International article.



I also provide dynamic breathing sessions to initiate 

emotional breakthroughs that promote healing and spiritual growth. Through this process, you'll enter an expanded state of consciousness that will help you gain powerful insights and clear emotional issues. For more information, click here to read my blog.

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