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Coming Soon: Breathwork so Transformative it Will Leave You Breathless

It's easy to take breathing for granted. We do it roughly 23,000 times a day, usually without a second thought unless we have asthma or some other medical issue.

But did you know there are special breathing practices that go way beyond infusing your cells with oxygen? That can facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing?

A form of therapy, yogic-based breathing techniques can induce an expanded state of consciousness that promotes healing and spiritual growth.

Soon, I'll be offering breathwork classes and workshops and integrating the practice into my yoga therapy sessions in Phoenix and beyond.

Breathwork generates an energetic release that allows for the safe emergence and healing of issues on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.

It's a natural, organic, energy therapy "that adapts itself to the client and the needs of the moment," says Carol Lampman, a holistic therapist, certified breathwork trainer and advanced clinical hypnotherapist who founded Integration Concepts.

Among other things, it can help you:

• Access repressed memories • Release body trauma (PTSD) • Understand emotional anatomy • Find the source of core beliefs and release them on a physical level • Heal birth and other preverbal issues • Generate a direct spiritual experience

To find out if breathwork is right for you, or to book a session, please contact Marie Bailey at 719-429-3293 or reach out through her contact form.

Seeking more peace and contentment? I offer free videos on guided meditation and the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra, a relaxing meditation known as "yogic sleep" that helps transcend the mind and its perceptions and limitations.

Click here for my videos and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Please contact me if you’d like to schedule an online Emotive Body Psychology session or lean more about it.

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