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Helping You Release Stress, Anxiety and Trauma

No Matter Where You Live

Marie Bailey is now doing online Emotive Body Psychology sessions

In an era of high anxiety, a post-COVID era when so many people have nearly reached the brink, effective therapy has been hard to access.

But that’s no longer the case. With real-time (live) video, I can work with you no matter where you live.

As it turns out, my guidance is necessary, but my physical presence is not.

I can provide the same transformative body psychology sessions online via FaceTime or Zoom while you remain in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t matter that I’ve moved to Bellingham, Wash. My method works just as well online as in-person. Experience has proven it.

This is great news for new clients and my followers who haven’t been able to work with me due to distance and hefty travel expenses.

I’m now taking Emotive Body Psychology in this direction.

In an online session, just as in-person, I can help you focus on sensing and releasing energy that’s become “stuck” in your body due to unpleasant, frightening or overwhelming experiences. It’s normal to resist this energy, which is felt as a sensation in your body, because it’s so uncomfortable.

I’ll instruct you on how to move or position your body to help you find and focus on the sensation. I’m not performing some mystical action to resolve the blocked energy. I help you overcome your resistance to feeling these sensations and giving them time and space to move out of your body.

Initially, I was reluctant to doing Emotive Body Psychology online – to give up sitting beside you to hold the space – because I wasn’t sure how well it would translate. But after teaching online Yoga Therapy classes during the pandemic for my beloved former studio in Jacksonville, Florida, I saw how the students dropped into the energy just as easily as when we were all together in the same room. I could sense and “feel” their energetic releases through the screen. I saw similar results with an online Yoga Therapy training that I assisted in later that year. I found this staggering. And exciting.

Since then, I’ve done online body psychology sessions with several of you. Here’s one client’s report on its effectiveness:

“Marie Bailey has helped change the course of my life, but we had always met in person where I felt supported and held. I could not imagine that this could happen via a screen, but it absolutely has. In fact, her direction and guidance helped me go deeper because I was doing it myself. I know she is there, and I know I am held, but I have a newfound reliance on myself while doing this work. It has taught me how to trust myself more.”

One of the reasons Emotive Body Psychology works so well online is that I’m not doing the work for you. You’re doing it. With more sessions, you’re becoming adept at finding the sensation in your body and making time and space to release it.

You’re reporting that, after several sessions, you’re not only less tense, edgy and reactive, you’re approaching difficult situations in a better, more effective way. So, Emotive Body Psychology isn’t only a potent healing modality, it’s a learning tool that can empower you to heal yourself. And I’m still here for you when you need me!

Please contact me if you’d like to schedule an online Emotive Body Psychology session or lean more about it.


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